Hi There, I’m Hannah Irene Johnson. Welcome!

hannah-irene-johnsonWho am I?

Hi there, welcome to my website! My full name is Hannah Irene Johnson, but you can just call me Hannah. You’re probably here because you did an internet search on me, or you just stumbled upon my site. Either way, hello!

Anyways, I’m glad you could make it. Take off your shoes and relax awhile.

What do I do?

Ever since I took a class about digital marketing, I found the subject fascinating and have been continually learning about it ever since. My background is in pay per click and social media marketing, but I bring some knowledge in conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization as well.

Right now, I work at the Association for Talent Development (ATD for short) where I help the marketing managers create and implement digital marketing strategies.

Some Fun Facts About Me!

Although marketing is a passion of mine, I do enjoy doing things outside of marketing.  Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m obsessed with roller coasters and I even had the opportunity to do a ropes course!
  • I really enjoy traveling and exploring new areas of the world. When I’m not working, I may be planning my next trip.
  • I’m a total nerd. I love to learn. It’s what gets me up in the morning. Probably why I do so well with digital marketing – it’s constantly changing.
  • I’m a strong believer that improv is one of the best things you can learn. It will help you in your life no matter what you do and it is extremely fun to learn. Scared? Go ahead and ask me about improv. I promise you will have fun!

What Now?

If you don’t feel like reading my blog or browsing my website, you can either contact me or follow me on Twitter !