Welcoming in 2017

Hello, hello!

I have had a huge lapse in posting, I know. Recently, I had a website redesign and am ready to take on the writing world! So get ready, world. You’re bound to see more from me on here soon, just hold tight while I develop some content for you to read.

You might be asking, “what kind of content do I expect to see, going forward?” And to that, I say it will be a mix of things. I’ve decided to start posting my comedy writing on occasion. This can include satire, or anything that I thought was funny.  So current/future employers, you might not think it’s funny, and to that, sorry. However, you’re the one who decided to look me up online and now you know my deep, dark secret. Congrats! 🙂

However, sometimes you may be graced with some content about digital marketing. Or maybe something completely unrelated to either, we’ll see!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy my blog!