How the Nintendo Switch Can Help a Zelda Adventurer Out

You’ve played Zelda before, but how can you be more adventurous? By playing Zelda on the Nintendo Switch, anywhere you want, of course! The options are limitless. Here are some ways you can utilize your Nintendo Switch to its fullest potential so you can finally fully channel your inner-Link:

  • Portably sneak around guards on your game and in real life at the same time!
  • Go camping in the woods and play games, enabling you to ignore that constant yammering of an odd owl.
  • Fly around in a hot air balloon, with your best friend you’ve renamed Tingle.
  • Finally solve all your quarrels with your mortal enemy you’ve nicknamed Ganon, by using the brand new 1, 2 Switch game.
  • Go into your nearest mask shop and start playing. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get cursed!
  • Hide out and play in a tree from your friend who always whispers “hey, listen!” into your ear every five seconds while you’re trying to play The Breath of the Wild.
  • Hide out underground with your Switch in the last days before an apocalypse. At least you’ll have fun before the world explodes from the rapidly approaching moon.

Happy gaming!