About my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies Used for this Website

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I used a lot of various SEO strategies for optimizing my page about JMU using the keyword “JMU experience.”  First, I will discuss my on page strategies.  I used the phrase “JMU experience” often, but not too often.  I also added links to my website leading to other credible sites.  In addition to this, I bolded and italicized the keywords as well as used it as a header.

When it came to off-page SEO strategies, it was difficult to do.  I couldn’t really force other people to post my link on their web pages, so this was hard.  I tried posting it to social media and using links on my other pages linking back to it.That being said, I did extremely well in the amount of time allotted.  We started out checking on our websites at the beginning and my webpage was not on the first twenty pages of the SERPs. Now, I am on the third page and ranked in the top ten in all of the MKTG 470 classes

In the future, I could optimize this potentially by going on blogs and commenting  on them because they could let me post my URL to it. I would have to get my URL on to other pages in order to increase my rank even higher.  Also, history would play a factor in where my webpage is placed.  Right now, my website is pretty new, so I don’t have that on my side. Most of my competition was with JMU’s webpages.  JMU has had their website established for awhile.

What SEO strategies do you use or recommend me to try?

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